The interventions included in REUNI project target the increase of the use of Renewable Energy Sources’ technologies and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) within the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH). The interventions will be implemented at “Kimmeria” of Municipality of Xanthi, Region of East Macedonia & Thrace, at private area of DUTH.

The interventions will be implemented in eight (8) buildings of students’ halls of total capacity of 592 beds and of total area of 11,355.74 m2, as well as in one restaurant (1,012.36 m2) with daily capacity of 398 students, one Amphitheatre (1,941.21 m2) of average monthly visits of 550 persons and one machinery building that houses of the required heating/cooling equipment of the buildings of the students’ halls. The total area of these buildings is 14,819.09 m2.

The integrated interventions of RES technologies to the local “Community” of DUTH are expected to conclude to:

1. Total increase of renewable energy consumption  by 2,373.61 MWh/year

2. Reduction of 636.41 tons of CO2eq emissions

In addition, the project includes the implementation of dissemination, networking, information and publicity actions, as well as procurement and installation of suitable metering equipment for the monitoring of the RES interventions’ results in energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduction. 

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